During almost fifty years of horse-riding, competing, training horses, training people, judging competitions, designing cross-country courses for eventing and generally being involved in the world of horses, I can say that I have gained a lot of experience... , been through a lot, seen many a horse and fallen from many a horse. Unfortunately I have too often seen unhappy horses and I have met people who, instead of enjoying their relationship with the horse, experience frustration and sometimes even put at risk their health, or the health of other people and animals entrusted to them. Having spent some time thinking about this phenomenon, I came to the conclusion that KNOWLEDGE is the basic problem. Lack of relevant knowledge lies at the root of failure and frustration and can result in bad experiences. It's the basic reason for which horses suffer and people fail in their relationship with these wonderful animals.

These days, knowledge is readily accessible. You only have to want to find it. As we all know, the Internet is a major source of knowledge. As more and more horsemen and women are looking for information in the web, it’s worth making the effort to provide them with high-quality information.
This is what you will find at Hipologia.pl. The site provides a wealth of knowledge and equestrian information from a variety of reliable sources.

Our committed team of enthusiasts are always working hard to provide interesting and relevant information here to help all our visitors develop their awareness as horsepersons. By horseperson I mean a person with profound, true feelings towards horses, who knows them well, understands their nature and behaviour, and who, last but not least, knows what to do to make horses happy with people.

I do hope that hipologia.pl will be a place you return to again and again and a source of knowledge for the many horse-mad among us: knowledge that will help reduce the number of unhappy horses and increase the number of true Horsemen and Horsewomen.

Wojciech Mickunas
with Hipologia.pl Team

The website is predominantly Polish, but our team is working hard to make it useful and friendly for English-speakers as well. Keep an eye out for new developments!
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