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This is the archive of quotes published on our homepage, with some extra context, where relevant, and further links for you to enjoy the journey through the world of gems uttered by horse people.

3. "Bone is dynamic, living tissue! The main structure of  bone is calcium and phosphorus, but bone also contains blood vessels and specialized cells called osteocytes. (...) Like any other tissue in the body, bone is constantly active. It is always busy replacing cells, laying down or absorbing mineral deposits. The bones are also constantly responding to the forces they receive. (...)

Being born and then living with unrestricted movement increases the loading capacity of the bones of the legs and foot. A certain amount of concussion is needed to build strong bones. Much more than we are led to believe. Being stalled on soft bedding or living and working on soft footing and wearing steel shoes are all counterproductive to the bones.

Did you know that several weeks of 'stall rest' commonly prescribed by veterinarians results in bone demineralization and reduction of bone density ... also known as osteoporosis!"

I found this on Equinextion, a website on lameness prevention and rehabilitation. A lot of information and pictures!


2. ...Unfortunately, it is true that we can force the horse to do a lot of things, even to the point of the winning worldwide success in sport.

However, using foce and coercion in order to achieve the desired results, we are deluding ourselves, cheating judges and all spectators. We can cheat all people around, but we are not able to cheat the horse. The horse does not care for ribbons and trophies, all they need is to feel safe, to enjoy psychical and physical comfort."

This quote comes from Monika Damec, the first Polish Silversand Horsemanship Instructor. Monika's website is in Polish (yet), but you can have a look at official website of Silversand Horsemanship in English.


1. "[Riding a horse], the rider must be extremely patient and gentle, at the same having an appropriate level of energy and firmness, i.e. traits required from every person who wishes to communicate with an animal and to subject the animal to his will.

The rider must observe the rule, whereby the reason of any failure is to be sought first in mistakes made by the rider, then in the horse's conformation, and last - in the horse's difficult character."

This quote is one of the many gems included in Polish Cavalry Instruction for Training Horses published in 1936. The Polish title is Instrukcja Ujeżdżania Koni and the whole text in Polish can be found here. We will be quoting more from this invaluable source, so check back for English versions!

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Nick: Wojciech Mickunas
Date: 05.01.2012
Przypadkowo trafiłem na taki cytat : Wielu jeźdźców uważa się za dobrych , ponieważ od dawna jeżdżą źle . Autorem jest płk. Lucas (Francja)